The heart of my work, as a certified Enneagram teacher, coach and spiritual director is about uncovering what keeps us from God's Love and Wholeness.

My passion is to experience Wholeness and to live vibrantly in the Present moment. I love that my practice supports this passion. I am honored to companion others on their journey of discovery.

“Infinite Love,
in an act of Love,
creates us in the image and likeness of Love,
for Love’s sake alone.
Moment by moment,
the generosity of God is poured out into our life
such that we are the generosity of God.
But we don’t see it.
Why don’t we see it?
It’s not achieved by attaining anything,
because nothing is missing.
The task is to begin to understand what the hindrance is made of."  

~James Finley, from Meister Eckhart’s Living Wisdom