photo by Debbi Horton

photo by Debbi Horton

James Finley says to imagine a mother who tries and tries to soothe her crying baby. Finally, the baby falls asleep. The mother very carefully places the baby in the crib. Then she slowly and gently removes her hand from under the baby's head. Finley invites us to this same gentleness with ourselves when we meditate and become distracted. Slowly and gently come back to the realization that we are in the presence of the One who loves us. Can I be this loving and gentle with myself in meditation and other situations... when I am discouraged or fearful... when my short fuse fires at those I love... when I have wasted too much time??? I've enjoyed practicing this! I find it to be a much more beautiful response than harsh self-criticism.

Solid Ground

Photo by Debbi Horton

Photo by Debbi Horton

I love this image! It's the tile floor in the cathedral in Pisa, Italy. I took this photo in 2009 while on an awesome trip with my mom and sister!

It reminds me of the image of God as the Ground of All Being.

God is the Solid Ground I can trust.

I can rest knowing the Solid Ground supports me.

I can soar because the Solid Ground is the place I take off from.

With each step my feet breathe in the Solid Ground.

Walk on






Photo by Debbi Horton - taken at the Enneagram Institute in Stone Ridge, NY

May I have the ability to be open

To allow what is no longer needed to be blown away by the wind or the Spirit

May I stand with open arms
and an open heart
and letting go

Allowing what IS
to BE

Debbi Horton

A Powerful Question

Photo by Paul Johnson

What is the essential question
I must allow

may I stand in the question, straight and open, surrounded by the question

may my roots grow deep into the question

the path in, is rocky and unsure
I falter, and
I traverse this path time and again and again

called to the quiet center
where I experience the question
where I listen deeply to the question
being still, allowing it to unfold itself

it speaks to me, it works on me
it requires me to be uncomfortable

I am not sure now where it will lead me

but it is


I am 


Debbi Horton