Workshops & Retreats

Introduction to the Enneagram
What is the Enneagram and how is it useful? Learn the gifts and challenges of each Enneagram personality style.

The Power of Questions
How do the questions we ask ourselves shape our view of God, ourselves, and the world? 

Nine Faces of God, The Enneagram and You
This topic explores the beautiful ways we are created in God's image, why we so often forget this, and how we can remember and live into our true selves.

Art and the Enneagram
Using images, poetry and music, we practice presence and self-awareness as we expand our perspective and open our gaze. 

Holy Expressions
Enneagram teaching that highlights communications styles.

All workshops and retreats can be tailored to half day, full day, or 2 day events.


Hi Debbi, Your presentation last night was amazing! All of our attendees in Louisville discussed later, and agreed that your information was novel, well-thought out, and a treasure to discover. The type-specific questions and comments are right on target! Also your presentation style is excellent. It was great to see and hear your passion for the topic – we certainly could experience that. And the hand out was easy to understand and well-organized.
-Paul Paiva

Debbi's workshop on "The Power of Questions" was creative and well organized. Her presentation balanced helpful information with a sincere honoring of the participants' questions and experience. Her handouts were very useful -- I've referred to them many times since the workshop.
-Judie Ritchie

I attended one of Deb's workshops on the Enneagram and was struck by how inviting she made each Enneagram type, so we could ease into our type before we found out the downside! Her materials were a great mixture of visual images, poetry, stories and written descriptions. I also appreciated the time to sit with others and delve more deeply into our types. I came away refreshed and hopeful that I could keep growing into the wholeness that the Enneagram presented.
-Janet Hagberg; spiritual director, author, healer