About Debbi


  • Warmth, humor, creativity, and open-heartedness

Work & Community Service

  • Enneagram Consultant and Spiritual Director based in St. Paul, MN

  • Board President, MN-IEA (the Minnesota Chapter of the International Enneagram Association)

  • The Embodied Present Process (TEPP) - Certified Teacher (2018)


  • Grounded in the Christian contemplative tradition

  • Spiritual Practices: silence, meditative swimming, walking the garden labyrinth, drawing, spiritual direction, and listening to audiobooks by folks like John O'Donohue and James Finley


My Dog

  • See photo :-)

About the Enneagram

The word “Enneagram” stems from two Greek words, “ennea,” which means “nine” and “gram,” which refers to “a drawing, figure, or shape.” The Enneagram is a nine-pointed figure inscribed in a circle. We can view it as a relief map that represents our inner landscape. It guides us, as we delve below the surface and explore a rich system of information about human behavior and our deepest motivations.

As a system, the Enneagram conveys knowledge about nine distinct but interrelated personality styles. Each style sees and experiences the world through a different lens and moves through the world with different gifts, challenges, and opportunities for achieving growth and wholeness.

About Spiritual Direction

“Spiritual directors are called and gifted by the Spirit to walk alongside others in their intention to hear and follow God.”  – from Holy Invitations by Jeannette Bakke

"In some ways, the art of spiritual direction lies in our uncovering the obvious in our lives and in realizing that everyday events are the means by which God tries to reach us." – Alan Jones

"Spiritual Direction is an ancient practice, manifested throughout history and across cultures in many ways... What distinguishes this listening profession from many other listening practices is its explicit acknowledgment of God…[Spiritual directors] are servants of the holy, listeners with the job of being attentive to God, with and for the sake of another." – from Candlelight: Illuminating the Art of Spiritual Direction by Susan S. Phillips

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Debbi is an inspirational, fun, highly skilled trainer and facilitator.  She combines compassionate intelligence and an informed heart. Debbi is able to create safety and clarity in her trainings, empowering participants to honor their true nature and become their own guide. Through her creative approach, presence and well designed presentations she challenges individuals and groups to move to new levels of awareness, balance and action.
-Anne Muree
President of Olive Branchways
Enneagram Educator
Transformational Coach