Spiritual Direction
Honoring the Divine Spark in another, listening deeply, and asking questions is at the heart of a spiritual direction relationship. Although it may sound directive, the opposite is true. The spiritual director's deep, open-hearted listening invites another to be and become while attending to God's presence and call in daily life.

Enneagram Coaching
The Enneagram combines modern psychology with spiritual wisdom and enables understanding, compassion, and kindness towards ourselves and others. Whether you have studied the Enneagram or are new to it, our coaching sessions help you apply this life-changing wisdom.

Enneagram Typing Interviews
Carefully crafted questions and intuitive listening infuse this guided conversation to help you identify your home base Enneagram personality pattern.

I am available to meet on the phone, on-line, or at my St. Paul office.

I am blessed by my time working with Debbi. Our sessions were a unique combination of spiritual direction and Enneagram consultation; what a powerful combination during a time of discernment in my life.  She has a thorough knowledge of Enneagram gifts and tools as well as a heart for compassionate, deep listening.
                                        -Kris P.